Jim Nasium


it's that thing you always wished for
it's like a dream come true
it will clean any surface
that ya want it to
and when you think about it
the price is not too high
for a miracle product like it
why don't you give it a try

use it in the garden
use it on your wall
use it in the bathroom
use it to wash your car and all
the things you thought too greasy
for your dishwasher or sink
but keep in mind it's dangerous
it is not something to drink

it always comes in handy
it's down your local store
why not run out and get some
what are you waiting for
once you try it you will never
go back to the way you cleaned again
the price it right the scent is nice
you should get some it my friend

It kills fleas and ticks for up to three months
will make your bathroom smell clean
it comes in either the small or large size
the most amazing product I've ever seen
it's sold in every grocery store
drug store and gas station around
I got to admit I was surprised
but it's the best product I found

it adds life to your car tires
use it to power wash the patio
it's concentrated so you'll be amazed
how slow this product goes
a bottle can last forever
even if you use some every day
it's amazing on dirty carpet
dissolves any stain away

it's works well in the dish washer
use it in your washing machine
it made my bathtub look like new
the tile is no longer green
my house smells like a hospital
all because of it
I've never been so happy
this product is a hit!!

it sanitizes and disinfects
child safe for any house
the uses are just about endless
it will even kill a mouse
use it to clear your clogged drains
clean your silver, polish hardwood floors
I suggest you just stop reading now
go get some at your favorite stores

©2015 Jim Nasium

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