Far Away Magical Places
Jim Nasium

In far away magical places
higher than the condors above
blending into the landscape
becoming one with love
surrounded by The Andes
nothing to do no place to go
sinking deeper every day
in the pure Andean Snow...

Protected by clean Karma
ignorance is often bliss
way off the beaten trail
lost in the untamed abyss
wandering around aimlessly
a land that time forgot
always time to do one more
after all there was a lot...

Every night was Friday Night
every day a Holiday
living large in the third world
way back when in the day
easy come easy go
nothing was out of reach
a time to grow and learn
nature had lessons to teach...

In far away magical places
higher than The Andes
doing things Hippies did
back in The Seventies
nothing could ever harm me
things just got better every day
memories tease and haunt me
why didn't I just stay...

©2015 Jim Nasium

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