Butter Butter With Out The Cutter

Jim Nasium

"Butter butter wiff out da cutter"
they'd stand and yell out loud
none of them were very smart
all of them were proud
of working for an unseen man
hiding in the shadows
supplying all they could sell
or put up their nose

"Butter butter wiff out da cutter"
blue tape, red tape and gold
they were all so unaware
their future's were bought and sold
out on the street willing to meet
any one any time at all
twenty-four hours a day
winter, summer, spring or fall

"Butter butter wiff out da cutter"
were the words they would yell
calling users by the score
more than willing to sell
to addicts who'd do anything
cheat, steal, lie, suck dicks
some were wanna be gangsters
some of them turned tricks

"Butter butter wiff out da cutter"
down the way in North Philly
all four corners of 8th and Federal
were always very busy
one gram bags for twenty bucks
the best cocaine around
one block away they sold smack all day
for them that needed to come down

"Butter butter wiff out da cutter"
cocaine pure as could be
cars would line up in a row
just as far as you could see
he's been down there a few times
a couple of life times ago
he had a colorful History
in case you didn't know...

"Butter butter wiff out da cutter"
pipes and needles too
abandoned houses were shooting galleries
where any one could go to do
drugs they bought, got what they sought
stay one night for three days
he won't forget the memories
but he's glad he's changed his ways...

©2015 Jim Nasium

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