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What is a Muse?Creating A Book; a poem with a lesson

Adventure Story Poems


A Dream; Baby Camels


They Left Quito


Rather Unusual Subject Matter

Butter Butter With Out The Cutter

Far Away Magical Places

The Wild Song Bird

Name Poems



Few Poems About Sobriety

Some Time Ago / Sabrina: The Market Place

The Irony

Wishing Well

The Muses

Warm Coca Cola

The Mexican Whore House

The Cleaning Lady; Two Poems

Vampire Poetry A Few Clenhews

A List of Limericks I Wrote A Few Autumn Haiku

A Few Dune Sands Haiku The Gloaming

That's All I Got To Say...

I Saw A Rainbow Yesterday

I Can See Him In Her Face

A Can Of Creative Fodder

Original Sin

Some Called Him Genius, Others Insane

Two Poems:
turned and said goodbye & the bags they sell are blue

It's Just Another Day

In Another Life Time

It's Just Another Day

Another Day

Hobos Arestinky

As Dear As My Favorite Song

Feeling Considerably Risqué That Day

IF The Wind Blew The Wrong Way

Last Night In A Dream

One Battle At A Time

Adam The Red Eyed Hippie


A Guys Got To Do What A Guys Got To Do

I Went To Breakfast With God (the other day)

Old Age: Prose, Limericks and Quatrains

A Better Place

The Good Old Days

Looking Out My Window

The First Time I Ever Went There

An Evening I'll Always Remember

If This Is Supposed To Be Good For Me

Just One Of Many

The Blue Butterfly

The Little Bird

The Hotel Delta

The Hotel Delta (the next time around) ...

The Tears Of A Clown; 3 Poems

Was Christo The First Wrapper?

A Plow


He Loves You Still...

A Thin Line...

His Word

Up At 3:00AM: The Woman In The Flowers

It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

I Like Your Tendencies Towards Vast Conceit

That Magical Night In Negril

I Like To See You Walk Beneath Blue Skies


Cartagena... My Cartagena


Ganja Tea For Two

The Rain Keeps On Falling

Every Day It's Something New

Each New Dawn

False Pride

The Market Place; Two Poems

Colombia, Ecudor or Peru

Whats His Name Is Back In Town

The Desert Inn

My Closest Friend

The Truth Of The Matter


The True Story Of Jack And Jill...

Quatraining Quatrains

3 Short Poems; No One Lasts Forever

$15.75, Salad And Pizza, Love

The Market Place; Two Poems
A Friendly Face & Way In The Back

After All, I'm Just That Way

Snap Out Of It

The Shoe Shine Boy

Dreaming Of Dreams Coming True

It Wasn't Love She Wanted

The Art Show

Try To Get Through Tonight

I'm Ready

There's Not Much More I Can Say

A NEW Format For Me / Something New

I'm Not You Puppet Anymore (Newer Version)

I'm Not You Puppet (Original Version)

His Head's In His Hands

How Much More (can one man take)

How NOT To Miss Someone

I Hate It When She...

I'll Never Be The Same

That Much I KNOW

They're All Feeding Me

Something New

The Dancer Upstairs [and The Red Shoes]

The Land Of Black And White

A Drean; To Hold You Tight

Inconsiderate Abuse

The Market Place

Two Poems About Grocery Shopping;
In The Supermarket AND Grocery Shopping

The Victoria's Secret Store

Mary And Sue

Wishing I Could Fly

Famous Vicent's Glass Bottom Boat Tour

In Memory Of Three

There's Little You Can Do

Living Alone

A Crimson Wonderland

The Temptress

Dancing With Your Lover
[Lite Adult Content]

Helen Polukious

But I Can't Say When

Childrens Stories

Yes I Love You, but...

Buses [In Colomia]

In Dreams Tonight

What Joe Would Do

The Negative Aspects Of Making Love
On The Beach In The Sand As Gathered
From Personal Experience

I've Still Much To Learn

I Refuse To Care

Until I Write Again

If Not For Bad Luck, I'd...

I Pray For Dawn

I Pray For Dawn / Version II

They Don't Have A Lot To Say

Feeling Sorry For Myself

The Next Time Is The Last Time

How Could I Ever Forget

I Dream That I Can Run

Cane And Able

The Other L Word

Place In My Heart: Part One And Two

Artistic Charm

The Hell I've Been Through

Spam, Spam And More Spam

Bark Bark Roof Roof

The Night Before Christmas

It's Nothing New

Dark Clouds Of Wrath

New Money

My Day So Far

Things Will Be As They Should Be

Old Joe's Cafe

That'll teach Me

Two Poems Based On Tim Burton Movies:
The Nightmare Before Xmas & James And The Giant Peach

Another Poem Based On A Tim Burton Movie:
Victor And The Corspe Bride [long & short versions]

A Waste Of Time

Between We Two

At Seven By Candle Light

Went Out To Eat The Other Night

If Your Heart Is As Light As A Feather

By The Light Of The Full Moon

Another Day Begins

Some Short Animal Poems

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door [more about her]

The Girl Next Door [even more about her]

I'm Not Dreaming Anymore

In Pursuit Of Magic Mushrooms

The Canopy Crane

Up Before Dawn

Today She Let Me Down

In Love With A Married Woman

Sleeping Alone

Another Night In A Small Town

Four Short Poems: A, B, C, D

Country Music

Michael Jackson's Not Guilty

Things Look Brighter As A Whole

A Few Poems About Cats

The Old Mans Pennies

Playing Poker With God: Two Poems

She's Got Too Much Time On Her Hands

Eating Out

A Fast Food Date


Watching Shadows

Making An Appointment On The Phone 1 & 2

A Few Poems About Cats

Three Days One Night

Things Are As They Should Be

If You Want To Win

Lovers Potion

A Day I Spent With Dali


Time To Stop

My Name Is Al Bundy

What Can I Do

The Farmers Daughter

M .Jackson's On Trial Again

My Experiences With Nurses...

A Gala Art Event

Names I've Been Called

A Whole New Start

You Want To Do It Again

A Most Amazing Place to Stay

The Impossible Journey: Part 1 & 2

I Dreamt I Met Dianne Sawyer

I Dreamt I Met Katherine Hepburn

I Must Be Watching To Much TV

I'm Glad I Decided To Go

Going Insane: In 3 Parts

That Night That Day [in 3 parts]

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

She Learned Many Italian Love Songs

If Not For Bad Luck

Just The Way Things Go

A Woman, Her Cello, And The Lake

Searching For Treasure

Nothing Seems Very Funny

Feeling Bad

Another Day For The Wizard


On Top [Lite Adult Content]

The One Night Stand [Adult Content]

I Draw Sara Sue

No Place I'd Want To Stay

The Old Poppy Cutter

A Poem For You

Sometimes The Wind Will Blow

Nothing Lasts Forever

I Still Think About Them At Night

Her Scent

Just Me

Blind Justice

A Man And His Home Made Ferris Wheel

Singing Hallelujah: Two Poems

Angels Sang Hallelujah

The Usual Place

When I Close My Eyes I Can See Her Face

The Fog

We Sit Outside And Talk

When She Comes Around

Don't Come Back No More

The Dog Days Of August: In Three Parts

So I Just Went To Bed...

The Flesh Eating Fairies


Under The Light Of The Moon

Some Men

Sisters And Their Cellos

The Woman And Her Cello

Everyone's Leaving The USA

Playing Twister w/Wesson Oil: [Adult Content]

She Is Always So Nice To Me

The Road Side Rest Stop

Beth And The Back Room

A Gathering Of Friends

An Educated Idiot: 1& 2

I Didn't Think We'd Stay Together That Long: 1 & 2

Truth Cuts Like A Knife

A Few Blow Up Doll Poems

There's Never Been Anyone Like Her

Two Poems About Karen Bob: 1955 to 2003

Frightened And Lame

More And More Each Day

To See Her Again

The Family

I Am Not The Man

Don't Give Up: Two Poems

Don't Think Twice

The Never Ending Ordeal

My Last Thrill

My Broken Heart

I Don't Do Erotica

Melody The Spy 1 & 2

Candle Light Snow Storm

The Lady And Her Servants

She's Leaving Again

Back To School

The End Of The Line

Sunday: Thinking Of You

What A Guy Has To Do

The Very Next Day It's Gone


Fate Keeps Us Apart

A Rainbow Sky

Just For Me

It Will Be Light Again Before Long

Way Out In The Jungle

To Be Renewed

Another Waiting Room

Lost On Dark Water

Inner Peace

Miles Away

Under The Bed Monsters [a short story]

My Under The Bed Monster [A Poem]

I'm The Biggest Fish

The Waiting Room Warning: Some Adult Content

A Good Time

A Strange Encounter

The Fairhill Ghost

Another Easter


Child Of The Night

The Doctor Said It's All In My Head

Her Dream

When I Had Her

Can't You See

Please Don't Get Me Started

Seventeen Days

She Won't

I Am An Artist

Face Down On The Floor

The Art Class

The Cello Player And The Dancer

Aunt Flo

To Help Pass The Time Away

The Moulin Rouge


Boxes, Boxes, And More Boxes

The Deal Of A Lifetime: Money From The Mob

Two Poems About You

The Across The Bridge On Line Affair

This Silence

Vito Valentino Was Her Friend

Just Another Day

Come Back To Me

Elysium Fields

You And I Are Through

You Don't Love Me

The Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do

Every Once In Awhile

Nothing Last Forever

Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

All We Do Is Fight

Dial A Massage [adult content]

The Autumn Of Her Life

What Will Be Will Be

Just Like Salvador Dali

The Woman And Her Cello

Another Day Has Gone By

One Sunset I'll Never Forget

These People Paid To Judge Me

Next Time

An Easy Way Out

I'm Not Dreaming Anymore

Castles In The Sand

Time To Walk Away

The Call Girl ... adult content

On Days When

Stuck In The Doorway

The Summer Of '72

I See Her On The Street At Night

Another Lonely Poet

That Sound I Heard

One Line Is Too Many

Cross Legged On The Floor

Little Miss Muff

The Circus Wilson

I'll Never Forget Her, Or Her Plan

Alone In His Studio

The Lonely Junkie

A Very Memorial Day

The All American 4th Of July Picnic

The Cookout

The Lady On Stage

Under Water

The Lady And The Fish

This Years Local Art Show

Too Much Time On My Hands

A Day Trip To The City

Another Day Trip To The City

Two Poems About Free Time

A New Format For Me

The Treasure I Found

Poems I wrote in 12/01

Poems I wrote in 11/01

Poems I wote in 09/01

Vampire Poetry


My Twin Muses

The Writer

My Window

A Poem To A Lady

The Lovers

A Magical Place

We Tie The Wind In A Knot

To Tie The WInd In A Knot

The Book Of Knowledge

The Business Deal

They Don't Talk Much Any More

The Art Show Again

The Art Show

So Much Time On My Hands

When My Muse Sings

There's Just Not Much That's New

It Was A Dream, I Think...

The Reader

They Danced

She's Leaving

Father And Son

The Balloon Ride

Missing You

The Lesson

The Dream I Had About You

The Bad Side Of Town

The Little People

The Graveyard

The Lady Is Leaving

I Should Have Known Better

She Thinks I'm A Very Good Boy

The Old Lady Who Wallked With A Cane

Lucky To Be Alive

The Town At The End Of The Road

The Men Who Clear The Jungle

High In The North Of Peru

The Treasure Hunter

The Impossible Journey

Waiting For The Bus In Jamaica

To Stay In Quito: It'd be Nice To Know What's New

To Stay In Quito: A Place I Know

The Hunters

Going Around In Circles

Cartagena: The Hotel Bella Vista

Cartagena: The Fortress San Felipe

Buena Ventura: The Good Adventure

San Agustin: The Hippie Life

San Agustin: Alto De Los Idolos

Santa Marta: I Will Die In Your Arms

The East Side Of Peru

The East Side Of Peru Too

Another Side Of Peru

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines So Long

Life On The Amazon River

A Trip Through The Night

Los Lajos: Part One & Two

The Beauty Business

We've Been Apart For Awhile Now

A Few Of My Friends

I Can See Them

The Dream: They Were All There

Grandmom And Grandpop

The Day I Broke My Own Heart

A Very Lucky Man

The Gate: I Would Never Sin Again

My Car

What's The Use

The Devil Was Once An Angel

All I Want To Know

The Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Head Story

The Broken Old Man

Not The Only One To Take A Fall


The Art Show

Nothing Happens Here

A Table For Two

The Rest Is History

A Day At The Office

The Three Letters

A New Friend

I'm Just That Kind Of Man

Writing And Drawing About It

Before Something Else Goes Wrong

Where Is The Beauty They Speak Of

Three Poems

You'll Be Ready For Anything Then

Two Much Time

The Tiny Crimson Trail

Getting Even At Last: The Ship Yard

The Golden Fish

Waiting For The Phone To Ring

He's Crazy As The Birds

She Stands There

Last Month

Some Newer Stuff

New Stuff

Tell Me Will I Ever Win

That Highway

My Last Poem

My Very Last Poem

Many Of My Poems On One Page

The Woman And Her Cello

Back Street Water Front Darkness

She Waits By The Shore

Time Is Running Out For Me

Do I Go In, Or Up

Only One Way To Go

I Am Not Your Puppet

The Perfect Woman: 2 poems

Me, My Muse, And My Computer

Lost In My Computer

My Back Is Towards The Wall

Looking Out My Window

She Wonders [part one & two]

She Holds Her Hands Over Her Face

The Old And The New

The Old And The New Two

My Life Is On The Scale

Standing In The Doorway

The Ground Shakes

And Paint, While My Heart Dances

The Old Brown Coat Box

The River

The Tall Ship Tales

The Gunja Boat

She Still Waits

The Mirror

The Mirror Too

More Mirror

When He IS Older

A Trip Through The Night

I Am Midway

I'm Midway Again

You've Ruined Another Day

The Gate To Her Dreams

My Favorite Toys

The Gate To Dreams

The Dreams

Falling For Her

I Will Jump

The Butterfly

Late One Night

Waiting For The Train

They Work Together

She Still Has Me

She Still Has Me Too

The Bubbles Of My Dreams

They Work The Fields

I'm Not P. Bauckman or A. Bundy

The Xara Stuff

The Xara Stuff2

The Xara Stuff 3

The Image Changes

The Cafe

All Of Them

Today She Painted

The Spirit Within

The New Place

Another New Place

Yet Another New Place

They Talk About The Weather

Still They Search

The Light In Her Room

The Fire Still Burns Within

They Are All Crazy

I Wanna Do Sally

A Trip Thru The Night

They Are All Gone Now

The Gentle Breeze

The Slaughter In The Tower

The Fingers

Early One Morning Late That Night

She Writes A Poem To You

The Nameless Ones

The Nameless Ones Too

Share It

Ok... I love you, but


Today I Touched

There Was A Time

The Shower Massager

Now That I Know You Have Been Here


The Paper Mountain

Only You

Wild Eyed Boy

I Am Not

The Bloomin' Tree

Ten Again

The Train

A Tear Falls

Hair The Color Of Fire

Another Poem About Hair Of Fire

And Her Name Was...

Our Son

What If Everyone Looked Just Like Me

Was Cristo The First Rapper

My Doom

The Phone


The Bread

My Wash

The Explodin' Heart

I Stand Alone Now

Her Siren Song Of Excuses

The Fingers

On Top

On Cooking

The Dream

Your Madness Fit's So Nicely With My Own

The Double

The Black Broken Heart

The Sound Of Your Voice

The Balloon Ride: Carry Me Away

A Short Story Poem: How I Got My Pen Name

A Short Story: On The Road To BonBon

A Short Story: The Cafe

A Short Story: I Ain't No CowBoy

The Tower: a true childhood adventure story

This IS My Last Poem

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