What's His Name Is Back In Town
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

What's his name  came back to town today
now he's looking for a safe place to stay
just returning from Amsterdam
he has no goal, or no plan
other than to find a place to crash
to relax and smoke some of the hash
he brought home with him from his vacation
made by a Nepalese Monk congregation

What's his name called me from a friends
he said he hopes the party never ends
invited me to stop over  and to be there soon
suggested I bring my needle and spoon
Hash wasn't the only thing he had over there
everyone was all fucked and willing to share
in the back ground I could hear a voice I knew
it seems one of my other old friends was over too

I said okay and I hung up the phone
and as I stood there all alone
a voice in my head started talking to me
reminding me of the man I used to be
respect and power were part of the appeal
plus the way the drug made me feel
I was happy that what his name called me
but knew I shouldn't go to that party

I stood for awhile and tried to decide
 had a strange feeling way down deep inside
I wanted to go and get high as could be
but the appeal wasn't the same to me
been there and done that many times before
get all fucked up and buy a cheap whore
party for days and spend a lot of money
the guilt afterwards just isn't funny

I thought of the Hash from a far away land
and finally started to understand
that once i got started I would never stop
I'd keep on shooting drugs until my heart POP'S
an over dose could come so easily
it's been a long time since these drugs were in me
and as pure as his smack was I already knew
if I did too much my days would be through

The other voice I remembered from days long ago
belong to a coke dealer I used to know
I figured he was there to trade for smack or hash
when you got good drugs, you don't need cash
I closed my eyes and said a little prayer
thinking about the party, wanting to be there
at this point I wasn't sure just what to do
I wasn't sure my partying days were through

Any thing I could want would be waiting for me
and to top that off it would all be free
unless of course I bought me a whore
and she just wanted to do more and more
I thought of that rush and I saw white light
we'd be up partying for three days one night
I wanted to go so very bad
knew once I got there I'd be very glad

I took a quick shower and put on clean clothes
grabbed my little spoon; the one for my nose
my "getting off kit" and a bunch of cash when
I was over whelmed with confusion again
I wanted to go but knew I had to stay
I was sober now and I liked it that way
putting my old toys away I decided not to go
I'm proud of my self and wanted you to know

What's his name is back in town
he's at a party with the best around
all my old friends are over there too
it would be such a good time but I'm telling you
I know I'm better off right here all alone
so i locked my door and turned off my phone
I do not want them to call later on
I know they'll be up all night until dawn...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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