The True Story Of Jack And Jill
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

Cheap Thrill Jill and Not Your Typical Male Jack, were found together; Jack was flat on his back, Jill was on top just going to town, wiggling her hips, going up and down...

The true story of what went on that day Jack and Jill went up the hill

  Jack And Jill
(the real story)
  Jim Nasium

You may have heard that rather strange tale
about Jack and Jill, a hill and a pail
I've heard many version of that same story
but only this versions ring true with me

I knew Jack well, after all we grew up together
Jack was a go getter, who wanted to do better
no matter who you were or what you needed Jack
would help you out and not want to be paid back

Jack was a young man just horney as could be
but he was a good Christian, went to church regularly
Jack knew the true meaning of living right every day
and Jack never ever had an unkind word to say

One day Jill was walking alone on the street
Jack paid her a complement, said she looked sweet
Jill invited Jack to walk with her to the old well
Jack said yes, that's sounds great, okay, swell

Now Jack was not your typical male
he even offered to carry Jill's pail
and when they got to the top of that hill
the way I hear it, Jill gave Jack a thrill

Jill kissed Jack like he's never been kissed before
Jack liked it so much he begged Jill for more
one thing, of course lead to another even better
and the reason Jack fell was because'a the weather

While trying to get Jill and him self out of the rain
Jacks moment of pleasure turned right into pain
he slipped in the mud while his pants were down
rolled down the hill and landed on the soft muddy ground

Since Jill was excited, and just wet as could be
she slid down the hill, grabbed Jack where he pee
Jill said I want you and got on top right away
and they made love in the rain for the rest of the day

No Jack was not your typical male
and now he wonders who'll go his bail
Jill's fathers saw Jack and Jill on the landscape
now Jack been arrested, and charged with rape

Jill was just your typical selfish female
she had her fun, but wouldn't go Jacks bail
so Jack sits alone thinking (in his dirty dark cell)
next time some one needs water, they can go to hell!!

So now that you know the truth of the matter
did you know each month Jill just got fatter and fatter
she going to have Jacks baby any day now
Jack wants out of prison, but just don't know how..

©2008 Jim Nasium

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