There's Not Much More I Can Say
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

It had been some time since I saw her last
the business of life kept us apart
I was excited about getting together
but when I hugged her, she broke my heart
as clear as could be, and so obviously
I could smell the scent of another man
in her hair, on her neck, face and lips
and in that instant I was able to understand

It came clear why she wasn't seeing me as much
and why her stories and excuses left doubt
why she'd break a date and or come late
and what her game was really about
she never loved me she just wanted sex
wanted to feel she was worth while
I have to let her go and it's killing me slow
how will I ever forget her smile

When she came to see me, the way things used to be
her smile would light up the place
and her big bed room eyes came as no surprise
her desire for me was written on her face
but as time when by, and now it's no wonder why
she came to see me less and less
I guess I always knew what she was up to
but wish she would look at me and confess

Every thing went wrong, and the siren song
of anger and pain I heard in my head
when she looked at me, so very guilty
after being in another mans bed
made me want to cry, and hopefully die
she destroyed what was left of my heart
but I held my ground, and finally found
I'm stronger than ever, and didn't fall apart

We fell apart when she decided to start
a part time affair with another fellow
she thought she was smart, and could hide her heart
by staying drunk, being horney and mellow
but I saw right through yet still wanted to
try to make this woman my own
but now it's clear to see, she never wanted me
all she ever wanted was my bone

My bone is my own and so is my heart
I refuse to let any one hurt me again
being alone is better than be lied to
while your lover is off with her other friend
how could she do this to me, couldn't she see
I was in love with her head over heel
she gets no passing grades, and I hope she gets AIDS
when she's dying maybe she'll know how I feel

I should be dead, that's what my doctor said
he is amazed my Cancer hasn't killed me yet
it seems to me he didn't really know me
I'm so stubborn, how could he forget
but since I'm alive, I just want to thrive
and want to share my life with some one
some one I can trust, that is a must
to spend time with and just have some fun

There's no fun in my life, I never took a wife
I sit here alone all every day and night
the way she treated me, and what I wanted us to be
was the reason all we did was fight
but that's all behind me, and now finally
I was able to turn and walk away
had all I could take, trusting her was a mistake
there's not much more I can say...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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