Something NEW For Me
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

This is a new format for me, one I've seen Richard Brautigan use many times in many of his books: writing short poems with in a poem. I offer you 3 short poems that make up one longer poem called: When You

When You


when you sleep I find you desirable
you're still and relaxed
quiet and not busting my balls
or reading newspapers reciting facts
you're naked warm and toasty
there's the cutest little wet spot
you make me want to have my way
with the wonderful things that ya got


when you eat it makes me happy
food is good for the soul
there's something about watching you eat
that makes me feel more whole
I like the way you chew your food
your nose gets a wrinkle on the top
I like to sit and watch you eat
I also like you when you stop


when you talk to me you use your hands
ya wave them all around
you make the funniest gestures
and ya make some rather weird sounds
you seem to know what you're talking about
no one ever said you were dumb
all I want to know right now
is where ya get your information from
©2001 Jim Nasium

=> Here's another I call... Your Position

Your Position


You lay there relaxed and quiet
there's no place you have to go
all your things are taken care of
all your ducks are in a row
to you life can't get any better
it must be nice to feel that way
too bad you're left alone
with no one or nothing to say


You sit there in your easy chair
reading words on your computer screen
you like to think you understand
that ya know exactly what they mean
you're busy reading between the lines
you can't see the forest from the tree
I know you won't get my point
no one knows the truth of it but me


You stand there waiting in a line
looking at the others all around
then drift off into a day dream
unable to hear a sound
you know you don't belong here
this is a waste of time for you
then someone taps you on the back
asks ya "so, what'a ya gonna do?"
©2002 Jim Nasium

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