The Desert Inn
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

Way out in the middle of no where
a place that not too many go
there's an Inn I visit now and then
when my busy season's slow
I've come to know all the ladies
that work there full time, on their backs
The Desert Inn has any thing you could want
there isn't one thing that the place lacks

Adventurers and Smugglers and Police
go to The Desert Inn to get away
no one causes any one trouble there
but ya need to watch what you say
you can have fun but you'll need a gun
and few friends wouldn't hurt a thing
but once you fit in the fun will begin
and you will be treated like a King

The Desert Inn has a loading dock
downstairs way in the back
across the hall from the dungeon
were you could find many'a sack
filled with very strong grass picked by a lass
who works part time over in the food court
there wasn't a forest any where in sight
but every one there was a real good sport

We all gathered there recently for a funeral
our dear old friend M had passed away
of all the places M's ever been to
The Desert Inn was his favorite to stay
no one knew who paid for our arrangements
all that matter is that we were all there
it's been awhile since we've been together
and we all had a lot to share

The funeral home was ready for the funeral
when the furnace room filled up with smoke
future services will be held in the garden now
especially for the local simple minded folk
who thought a new grave near the grotto
down by the old brown stone guardhouse
was a special place, a kind of haven
for any old tired snake or field mouse

"Oh heaven help us stay out of hell"
the preacher screamed from the hilltop
not too far from the hollow and creek
near the Desert Inn, a place I like to stop
because out here the Inn is an island
and it's so very nice to be inside
the sun's always so hot in the desert
you got to find some shade, and hide..

©2008 Jim Nasium

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