That Much I Know
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

What's going on
where are you now
I'll find out the truth
some day some how
it's been longer then ever
since you've been with me
you must have another lover
and that's where you must be

I see you less than ever
we talk less and less
you say you're just busy
but I got to confess
I have my doubts
about things you say
and the way it looks
I won't see you today

I hope you get AIDS
or some kind of cunt rot
as often as I told you
it seems you forgot
or maybe you didn't get it
my love is real, and true
now all I want to know
is what the hell am I going to do

You've broken promises
told stories and lies
about meeting girlfriends
that were really guys
and so many times
you looked in my eye
and stuck to your story
even though it was a lie

I wonder if you even
have a beating heart
you've destroyed my stability
and I'm falling apart
I've tried to change for you
be a better man
then you go and do this
I just don't understand

I miss you so badly
long to hold you tight
I dream about us
almost every night
but then when I wake up
I'm in bed all alone
tears in my eyes
a rock hard bone

Now that this happened
you've made your self clear
I suppose it's time
for me to disappear
there are places to explore
so I may as well go
you don't want to see me
that much I know....

©2008 Jim Nasium

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