I Hate It When She...
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

by Jim Nasium

She writes to me every now and then
some times we're in a chat room alone
we only ever talk on the computer
she lives to far away to use a phone

We talk of things we used to do
things we both wish we had done
all the thing we want to do
and while we talk it's always fun

She makes me laugh; claims it's her job
tells me her secret desires and shares
her deepest pain and how she's going insane
thinking there's really no one at all that cares

We sit and write late into the night
my fingers get tired and numb
then all of a sudden the lady is gone
which makes me feel stupid and dumb

I hate it when she just stops talking
when she don't even say goodbye
one minute she's there, and what's unfair
she'll just vanish and I don't know why

I'm can't be sure with her any more
maybe it was some thing I said
but I hate it when she just stops talking
and can't get her out of my head

why won't she tell me what happened
I wonder why she's being so mean to me
and I can't be sure about her any more
but this is not the way I want it to be...©2008 Jim Nasium

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