They're All Feeding Me
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Karen made us Broiled Lobster Tails
her coming over was a surprise
I love it when she visits me
with her great big bedroom eyes

Gwen made me some Gwen's Surprise
wouldn't tell me what I was eating
but that's okay because in bed
her technique can't be beaten

Sally baked an apple cake
she made some cup cakes too
I didn't have to say a word
she knew what I wanted to do

Susie's made some kiwi pies
and Ganja Lime Juice for me
she wouldn't stay the whole night
but she stayed till half past three

Patti made a pot'a Irish Stew
she's such a pretty Irish girl
her hair is red and she loves it in bed
when she cums her toes will curl

Margot made a nice Beef Roast
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy too
when we were done eating dinner
she let me do what I wanted to

Rachel made me a nice Roast Duck
some rice with peas and garlic
that freaking Duck was so greasy
the thing made me sick

Tami made a lot of Chinese Food
it was Stir Fried this and that
I love it when she stops by
but I'm allergic to her cat

Alice didn't eat at all
but she did get on her knees
she said she really cares for me
and tries her best to please

Terry made a nice Meat Loaf
Baked Potato with Succotash
after we ate she was naked
and in my bed in a flash

Mandy gave me some home made bread
to dip in the Turkey Gravy she made
to top off a perfectly browned Turkey Breast
then together in a lovers knot we laid

The girl next door brought wine and what's more
she got naked and jumped in my bed
said if I was hungry she would order in
then started giving me head

Darlene made some Bar B Q Ribs
Potato Salad with Mac And Cheese
while we were eating she asked me
to come to her later, and gave me her keys

Carol made me a big Jelly Roll
and brought some ice cream too
so since she was on the rag
she let me do her where she poo

Latoya made Fried Chicken and Greens
that touched me way down to my soul
she's not what you'd call a slender girl
but she's got a very sweet tight hole

Maria brought over broiled Sea Food
her specialty is a pure delight
we drank wine and ate Jamaican Red Snapper
then she stayed with me the whole night

Justine stopped by with Ham And Cheese
she smelled so fresh and clean
I didn't even have to say a word
she's knew what I wanted, know what I mean

Cathy made some Italian food
my favorite food of all
but we never did make it to my bed room
we did it right there in the hall

Brigitte brought some French cuisine
with a bottle of expensive wine
she told me how much she loved me
and how badly she wants to be mine

Now that they're all feeding me
I know I WILL be okay
sitting here I kind'a wonder
who will bring me food today...
©2007 Jim Nasium

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