The Temptress
A Poem by Jim Nasium

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach
and the girl next door uses that as a tool
she tempts me with food all the time
I'm so easy and such a fool
I go running back to her
like a puppy with my tail tucked down
she says I make her laugh a lot
I guess she thinks I'm a clown

She e-mails me of cakes and pies
calls to talk about baked delights
she cooks my favorite hot meals
invites me over most nights
loves to cook and loves to bake
and she loves to do the do
the girl next door is a temptress
every day she cooks something new

Fresh fish with rice and veggies
prime rib with potato and cheese
roast chicken with pees and carrots
when she cooks she aims to please
but of all the things she makes for me
Lasagna is the one I like best
with fresh bread and a bottle of wine
she puts my appetite to the test

Apple Pie, and Jewish Apple Cake
Brownies and Carrot Cake too
Italian Cream Cake and Cheese Pies
and she's always cooking something new
she always cooks me way too much food
is she fattening me up for the kill
I can't be sure but the girl next door
says cooking for me gives her a thrill

The girl next door is a temptress
she is so hard to say no to
after she fills my belly up
she wants to go do the do
she gets on top and just won't stop
until I am tired and weak
she goes at it for hours
it's hard for me to speak

Never the less I will confess
I really do like to eat
and the things she makes for me
are always a real treat
guess I am the lucky one
even if she thinks I'm a clown
the girl next door is a temptress
and she's the best cook in town
....©2006 Jim Nasium

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