The Land Of Black And White
A Poem by Jim Nasium

In the land of black and white
there are no shades of gray
you can only go left or right
while you are on your way
you either answer yes or no
since you can never ask why
there's no other way for you to go
every thing is cut and dry

In the land of black and white
you're either right or wrong
there's no middle ground in sight
no Muse to sing a siren song
inspiration is a thing of the past
you just want to vegetate
time goes by so very fast
the hours getting late

In the land of black and white
there's no reason for debate
you're either wrong or right
so why would you hesitate
to accept your fate and move along
become just another face in the crowd
always weak and never strong
always quiet and never loud

In the land of black and white
there's no reason to love or hate
things are either wrong or right
one has to accept their fate
and move along quietly
never speak out of turn
that's just the way it's got to be
and it is time you learn...

©2007 Jim Nasium

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