In Memory Of Three

a drunken smoked up blown out red eyed old tired hippies account of a fairwell to 3

A Poem by Jim Nasium

Three was different; one of a kind
and he has lived every where
he traveled around the world on his wits
and never had a problem or a care

I met Three many years ago
I'll never forget the day
my friend and his cousin head
had all planned to go away

Three told us many stories
of places far from here
told us to get off our ass
to go away that same year

I took his advice and traveled
first to Jamaica and then The Andes
years went by of getting high
I was so very lucky

But that was many years ago
today I am an old broken, sick man
my spirit is strong and wants to carry on
but my body can't keep up with the plan


Everyone was shocked to hear the news
our good friend Three had died
and I'm not ashamed to admit
I was so sad I even cried

His lady told me every one
was going to meet down in J A
arranged the date, time and place
and we were all on our way

All Threes closest friends were invited
to watch his ashes dumped out to sea
as to honor Threes last request
and we knew that would make him happy

The time to leave finally arrived
I decided to take along my son
knowing he would love Jamaica
and that we'd have a lot of fun

The flight was short but my cohort
was tired and wanted to land
exactly what was going on in my head
was something you would not understand


I landed in Montego Bay
had a car and driver waiting for me
we took the coast road towards Negril
I love the smell of the sea

I check into my first class hotel
had the man carry my bags for me
he handed me a glass of rum punch
and a great big spleef for free

I settled in and made some calls
told everyone I was back in town
it didn't take long my reputation's strong
and the word quickly spread around

The trip was hard on my broken body
but I was happy to be there again
I promise my son a bit of fun
and I could say goodbye to my old friend

That first moon lit night I felt alright
and I sat my son down by my side
we opened a large bottle of wine
and we talked, swallowing our pride


My son and I sat drinking under the moon light
I told him stories about Head, Three and me
when we where his age a long time ago
and living in Jamaica so very care free

Dawns light came a little too soon
coloring the sea with hues of red
my son said good night, he was so very drunk
so I walked with him and got him in bed

I went back to the cliff to look for a man
Famous Vincent was his name, and he
had a boat that took folks on a tour
to a coral reef way out to sea

That afternoon his boat pulled up to the cliff
we all carefully got on board
the captain had a smile on his face
he knew we knew what he had stored

We headed East towards a coral reef
Sandy Kay is it's name
we had to dump Three's ashes
I was feeling a little lame


It wasn't fair but Three didn't care
that he couldn't beat his Cancer like me
I guess it just wasn't my time
and wonder which of us is free

We dumped Threes ashes over board
opened a bottle of champagne and made a toast
the sun was hot and the wine hit the spot
as I felt my pale skin start to roast

The deed was done, so it was time for fun
so we went for a snorkel and a swim
the day was late so we headed home
as the last of sunset got dim

Back on sure we partied for sure
had dinner, dancing and entertainment
I drank so much wine but was feeling fine
there was no need for any restrainment

We had been friends for forty years
been to far away magical places
saw many a wondrous site over the years
as well as many hungry sad faces


My son was totally amazed at it all
he asked how much did it cost
I told him not to think like that
but to think of what we lost

I said some day you will have dear friends
for more than two score of years
and when one dies I'll hear your cries
and be there to wipe your tears

I helped to say goodbye to an old friend
and I kept a promise to my son
to take him to Jamaica one day
and now that our trip is done

We both agree what's best for ME
is to go back as soon as I can
and bring my son along with me
so we can do it all over again

I just don't know if I will go
but I could and there is opportunity
and now that my heart is broken again
there's really no other choice for me

good bye 3
save a place for me where ever you are...
I'd like to pass through sometime, and visit ya.....
©2007 Jim Nasium

head, JG and Three

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