Living Alone
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Living alone
at times can be
a real blessing
and joy to me
it's nice and quiet
I can create
from break of day
until it gets late

Living alone
really ain't too bad
unless I get lonely
and that makes me sad
I get depressed
high and drink
get so blown out
I can't even think

Living alone
ain't to bad for me
I find stuff to do
but sometimes get lonely
being alone now and then's one thing
now listen to what I say
I somtimes get lonely
alone day after day

Living alone
is kind'a okay
when you put something down
you know it will stay
right where ya put it
but sometimes being alone
can get to your soul
thank goodness for the phone

Living alone
can be a pain in the ass
I got to go to the groceries
and get my own gas
then there's the post office
and other things I don't like to do
every freaking day
it's always something new

Living alone
is okay during the day
but come the night
I want to play
I have desires
after all I'm just a man
that's when living alone sucks
I'm sure you understand...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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