A Crimson Wonderland
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Autumns colors were on display
as we drove in circles that day
make this left no lets go right
blinded by the bright sunlight

Unsure exactly which way to go
driving on roads we didn't know
pushing on trying to get back
some how we got way off track

Farm land far as we could see
a quiet place full of beauty
lost in wonder time and space
a very special magical place

Out of nowhere to our surprise
four legs, a tail and great big eyes
hit the brakes; stopped on a dime
the deer was very lucky this time

Parked the car to take a walk
sat on a rock so we could talk
of plans and dreams for tomorrow
yesterday's so full of sorrow

The warm bright sun high in the sky
we were lost and didn't know why
or how we ended up in this place
we've a challenge we got to face

Back on the road now heading West
"I don't know where we are", I confessed
"let's just go this way for awhile"
you looked at me, gave me a smile

Going in circles getting no where
so beautiful we didn't even care
finally we found a road we knew
and we knew just what to do

Slowly crossing the one lane wood bridge
the creek flows downhill from a ridge
untouched still by modern man
lost in a crimson wonderland...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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