Mary And Sue
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Mary and Sue, about thirty two
years ago went to college together
they weren't into drugs, only wanted hugs
they helped make each other feel better

I met sweet sexy Sue back in '72
she and I became lovers and friends
but time changes things for paupers and Kings
sooner or later every thing comes to an end...

Mary and Sue didn't know what to do
after having their first sexual affair
Mary ate Sue and Sue ate Mary too
they liked getting drunk together bare

At night when they'd study, even if bloody
they'd sleep together in the same bed
but never the less I got to confess
that Sue knew how to give head

The years went by fast their affair didn't last
they both ended up married with a kid
and all through the years the joys and they tears
they both kept the secret they shared hid

But while on vacation in a 3rd world nation
while the men went fishing out to sea
the kids were playing and since they were staying
at the same hotel they repeated their history

Mary and Sue didn't know what to do
after having another lesbian affair
Mary ate Sue and Sue ate Mary too
they both had fantasies they wanted to share

So they met now and then but never knew when
since they're busy each with their own life
Mary and Sue just don't know what to do
they're not happy being a mom and wife

I bumped into Sue a day or two
ago at the cafe down town
she sat with me and suddenly we
knew we both wanted to go fool around

Before we finished eating we heard a greeting
from Mary who sat down to join Sue and I
then Sue agreed  to follow Mary's lead
and to this day I still wonder why

Mary took Sue away and to this day
there hasn't been a word from Sue
I think of her now and then, she was a friend
what else can I say or do...

©2007 Jim Nasium

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