The Victoria's Secret Store
A Poem by Jim Nasium

IF you got to categorize this poem, then may I suggest you file it under the
"Wishful Thinking" category

When ever I feel down or lonely
and don't have a thing to do
I go to the Victoria's Secret store
and spend an hour or two
I sit silently in a corner
on a chair with my coat on my lap
it's fun to sit there and listen
to the ladies sling the crap

The other day while I was there
I over heard some Sales Ladies say
they wondered why I came by there
and never bought a thing, any way
some customers walked into the store
which took their attention from me
I love to go to Victoria's Secret
really love all the things I see

I was sitting there in the corner
a few ladies walked by me
one of them asked me who I was
I said "it's okay, I'm Security"
so she took her top off and smiled
then she took off her bra too
slipped on a Teddy that was really sexy
I didn't know what to do

Another woman walked out
of a dressing room right next to me
she had on crotchless panties
I could see her shaved pussy
her ass was tight and she looked right
in the light there by the mirror
I wish she would of asked me home
I'd go any where she wanted me to go

A couple of middle aged women
walk over near me in a group
one of them was upset and crying
and I didn't mean to snoop
but it was hard to not hear them
and what they were talking about
I was thankful they couldn't see me
one talked so loud, she almost shout

"My husbands cock is so very big
and he takes me at least three times a day
he's funny and always makes me laugh
always has something interesting to say"
the slim young blond with curly hair
said to the woman holding up a nighty
who replied "its time I confess"
it's too bad her back was to me

"I don't know why I like to cheat
on my husband now and then"
said the woman with tears in her eyes
to her slim blond curly haired friend
then a woman with long curly red hair
green bedroom eyes and spiked heels on
walked up to me in a black lace Teddy
asked me if the color was wrong

Another woman in panties and a bra
with garters and stockings on
came over to ask the woman crying
exactly what [if anything] was  wrong
the red head was waiting for an answer
to the question she had just asked me
I'm telling you The Victoria's Secret Store
is a wonderful place to be

I told the red head she looked hot
offered to by the Teddy for her too
she said "okay" then right way
said "so, what do you want to do
would you like to get something to eat
maybe have a drink or two
I think you're a very sweet man
and I'd like to spend some time with you"

I left with the red head that afternoon
we decided to go back to my place
she had a very pleasant personality
and a very pretty face
her legs were long and still at dawn
they were wrapped around me tight
we made love all afternoon
ate, then made love all night...

©2007 Jim Nasium

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