Artistic Charm
A Poem by Jim Nasium

She was rather pleasant to look at
but dressed down and plain
most folks that knew her all agreed
the girl had to be insane
one minute she'd be laughing
then she'd be crying and sad
one day she'd act proper and good
the next day sleazy and bad

She had no sense of direction
trusted every person she'd meet
believed every thing she heard
on a good day looked kind'a sweet
I met her many years ago
in the back of some cyber cafe
asked her over to my table for awhile
she decided she wanted to stay

We had a few things in common
both love to write Poetry
we painted and showed our work
in a fancy down town gallery
surprised we hadn't met before
we sat there and talked for hours
she order champagne and cheese
I ordered bread and flowers

The afternoon just slipped away
lost in pleasant conversation
she had the cutest bed room eyes
they caused great excitation
I found myself enjoy her
conversation and company
I decided I would ask her
if she'd go to dinner with me

We left the cyber cafe hand in hand
took a short cut through the park
we'd been inside talking so long
that outside it had got dark
the cool night air cleared our lungs
and increased our desire for food
I wanted so much to kiss her
but didn't want to be rude

I took her to a nice place I knew
in the Italian section of town
it was one of the better places
any where around
they knew who I was in there
they let me run a tab
I wanted her more than before
decided to take a stab

We took a table in the corner
ordered wine breadsticks and cheese
the waiter suggest the special
he said it was guaranteed to please
we talked about our past shows
galleries we had shown work in
I wasn't really ready for this
but saw a romance begin

I asked her back to my studio
to look over some of my work
she had the cutest crocked smile
actually it was more like a smirk
I watched her as she walked around
looking at my work under artificial light
asked her if she wanted some wine
suggested a hot bath together that night

She somehow slipped into my arms
I was amazed that we fit perfectly
when we had our very first kiss
we knew we were meant to be
so we kissed again then sipped some wine
walked to the bathroom arm in arm
it seems we both fell victim to
each others artistic charm...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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