Dark Clouds Of Wrath
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Dark clouds of wrath have rolled in
the sunshine in my life is gone
I am a helpless victim
prey for Satan's pawn
more alone than ever
much sicker than before
stressed out and confused
death's banging on my door

The hours go by slowly
each day seems like a week
I've tried to be humble
honest, caring and meek
but nothing I do seems to work
so I ain't doing nothing no more
stuck between a rock and a hard place
face down on the floor

I sit in the dew soaked grass
waiting to see one more dawn
trying to figure out what to do
now that all options are gone
but no answers come to me
not even God can tell me what to do
all I hear are birds singing morning songs
sitting here just thinking about you...


You were the sunshine in my life
you brought me joy and gave me love
when ever we were together
I saw you as a gift from above
you cared for and about me
helped me when ever you could
but dark clouds of wrath ruined all that
I never thought they would

Wanting more than I could have
I end up with nothing at all
stuck between a rock and hard place
my backs against the wall
helpless to do anything
but the one thing I don't want to do
things will never be the same
now that I can't see you

No place to go nothing to do
I sit here waiting again
there's no one here to help me
I've lost my very best friend
dark clouds of wrath saw to that
took the sunshine in my life away
I'll never trust or love again
and got nothing more to say...
©2005 Jim Nasium

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