Another Day Begins
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Sunset colors the Andean sky
as children safely sleep
dreaming of tomorrow
and games they will play

Women work cleaning up
a days mess in the kitchen
while men gather in the back room
laughter and conversation's in the air

As the black tongue of night
licks the last purple hue
off the western sky
oil lamps are ignited

Sitting cross legged on the floor
large shadows dance
on golden bamboo walls
as the elders prepare

A ritual of ages
passed down though time
generation to generation
man to man, elder to elder

Sacred powder is offered
for each to indulge
until the tray is empty
while spirits enter quietly

flying with condors in dreams
the men can observe
the oil lamps light
below in the darkness

As the red tongue of dawn
licks the last bit of black
off the eastern horizon
oil lamps are turned off

men returned to their bodies
animals and children wake
women start fires to prepare meals
as another day begins...
©2005 Jim Nasium

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