Between We Two
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Things were never perfect between we two
to be honest they were just ok at best
no matter how hard I tired it was never enough
we were cursed but should'a been blessed

We've had a lot of trouble over the years
in real life and on the internet
if you've been on this list for awhile
I am sure never can or will forget

She made demands of me I couldn't do
never stopped; just went on and on
I'd get up and leave the house for work
when she'd just be going to bed at dawn

Every thing was just about as good as it could get
we both tried hard to make it work out
I got sick and had to fight for my life
and I did of that have no doubt

After two operations and some chemo therapy
I was getting better and wearing a smirk
then she went away for a week with another man
left me home, sick, and feeling like a jerk

I told her that things could never be the same
not after what I knew she had done
she broke my heart and destroyed my life
just so she could go have some fun

I listen to the sound of the falling rain
it reminds of the day she went away
on vacation for a week with another man
things ain't been the same since that day

How can I ever love or trust again
my faith in love has been destroyed
I sit alone and wonder where did I go wrong
confused, frightened and paranoid

She found out I have other friends in my life
after all I am a very single man
but she wanted to be my one and only
for some reason she couldn't understand

Just when I thought things had settled down
she had to start all over again
wants me to be the only man in her life
but she never was a real friend

She told me tales of love, riches and fame
a siren song to most all who hear
but I had plenty of cotton in my ears
because I have been there before for years

She bothers me all day and night
she writes e-mails and calls on the phone
drives by and I don't know why
she just won't leave me alone

Please won't you tell her I don't want to know
about things she does or places that she goes
things can never be the same again
between we two...
©2005 Jim Nasium

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