A Waste Of Time
A Poem by Jim Nasium

The poem below is a VERY angry poem. You may not like what you're going to read and you may not agree with what you're about to read, but no matter, I really don't want any comments about this one. Just know it is a very angry poem, and leave it at that please...

What a fucking waste of time
I WILL NEVER love again
don't need a woman in my life
all that has come to an end
I'm better off alone and free
to do what ever I want
the only good thing about having a woman
is ya get to use her cunt

They're never there when you need them
never want to do things you like to do
they always give you a hard time
I can't take no more; I'm through
I never should have let myself
slip and fall in love again
I thought she was different
thought maybe I had a friend

I'm done with love and loving
from now on I'll buy a whore
sex is all I want any how
what else do I need a woman for
I've had al that I can take
I KNOW it time for me to go
so if you don't hear from me
at least now you will know

I've got to get away from here
I've had all I can take
trying to give my heart again
was just a fucking mistake
I never felt so all alone
as I do sitting here right now
but that's ok I'll find a way
to get it over it all some how...
©2005 Jim Nasium

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