The Canopy Crane
A Poem by Jim Nasium

In the Amazon there is a canopy crane
much higher than all of the trees
it pivots around in a circle
three hundred and sixty degrees
the boom is long as a football field
when the thing swings all the way round
scientists can very clearly observe
well over two hectors of ground

They say that deep in the Amazon
ninety five percent of life is up in the trees
and there are animals and insects
that no human ever gets to see
it's like discovering a whole new world
similar to the ocean and outer space
I've always loved the jungle
it's a most amazing place

now that the canopy crane is finished
man will learn the importance of the trees
study new life forms and record data
take pictures of things the see
a whole new science has been formed
with this crane that man built down there
nothing is save from man is it?
some how it don't seem fair...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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