Bark Bark Roof Roof
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Walking downtown with my spouse the other day
a man called out to us "hey, what'a ya say
how would you like to hear my dog talk"
I said "no thanks we're going for a walk"

The man and dog were standing in the street
when the man asked his dog if he wanted a treat
the dog barked back and it sounded like yes
I was really impressed I must confess

I walked over to them and to my surprise
the dog had the saddest puppy dog eyes
I asked the man what he called his pet
he told me the dogs name, but now I forget

Then the man asked the dog what's that on the house
the dog replied "ROOF ROOF", then looked at my spouse
when asked what's that on the trunk of a tree
the dog said "BARK BARK" then looked over at me

Very slowly I followed the dogs big sad eyes
to a hat full'a money that came as a surprise
so I put in two bucks and then walked away
but got a real shock when I heard the dog say:

"You cheap nasty human what did you just do
my performance was only worth two bucks to you?
get your ass back here and give me more money"
the dogs owner thought the whole thing funny...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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