To Tie The WInd In A Knot / The Poem
A Poem by Jim Nasium

We sat around the fire
it was the middle of the night
the brujo gave me somthing to drink
that me feel very light
animals out in the jungle
were singing their night song
some of the others by the fire with us
started singing along

A woman with a big bone through her nose
stuck a hollow bamboo pole in my nose and blew
a hallucinary yellow powder up there
it started doing what it was supposed to
It didn't take her very long
to fill the bamboo pole again
she gave me a second dose
of the yellow powder and then

I felt my spirit leave my body
it was floating with the condors looking down at me sitting by the fire
the yellow powder opened doors
to places I had never gone
there were colors I've never seen
floating above my own body
by clouds of yellow and skies of green

When I came down and opened my eyes
the men were flapping thier hands
they were all chanting something
it was hard to understand
I asked them what they were doing
and their answer I never forgot
"we are sitting here together
trying to tie the wind in a knot".....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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