A Few Clerihews
A Poem by Jim Nasium

My friend who had to see Mr Le Court
plays fair and is always a good sport
he laughs and shares humor all day
always has some thing interesting to say....


For the benefit of Mister Kite
you are all invited tonight
to a magical gala event
so very much time and money spent...


Mean Mr. Mustard and Flabby Floe
knew all the very best places to go
late night back street going the wrong way
in a cheap hotel is where they will stay...


What ever happened to Aqualung
has a siren song been sung
did he crashed on strange a shore
don't hear much about him no more...


Dem call mmm' by da name Lee-von
I and I reach I Iree Heights mon
we sit in bliss watching the skies
till it looks like we got blood in our eyes...

A clerihew is a humorous verse, rather similar to a limerick, that generally uses the name of a well known person at the end of the first or second line. The form includes four free verse lines with irregular, prose-like rhythm, with two pairs of rhymes (aabb).....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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