The Girl Next Door [even more about her]
A Poem by Jim Nasium

whips and chains excite her more
but when I knock on her front door
arms full with a bunch'a flowers
she just wants to fuck for hours
don't care much about romance
she just wants me in her pants
always willing to take a chance
we get tangled up in a lovers dance

whips and chains and leather straps
she get so nervous her foot taps
when my cock stands straight and tall
then I nail her against the wall
bend her over and take her ass
like an animal with out any class
get so rough she sometimes bleeds
but she gets just what she needs

whips and chains and leather belts
she likes her ass to have big welts
big fat dildos and KY jelly
she likes it best when on her belly
never a man that was too much
until the day she felt my touch
now she always gets enough
she just likes it a little rough

whips and chains straps and rope
the girl next door loves to smoke dope
she'll do some crack and fuck all night
it's amazing she's still so tight
not bad looking for a woman her age
she works in the cafe for minimal wage
if I'd paid her she be a whore
I'm talking about the girl next door....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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