The Girl Next Door [more about her]
A Poem by Jim Nasium

She's sweet as can be and she loves me
I'm talking about the girl next door
she likes the hot sun and it's a lot'a fun
watching her tan every day more and more
she lays in the grass with her bare ass
facing up towards the sky
she pretty as can be and does it for me
but I just don't understand why

She loves having sex and thinks it's a hex
to refuse me my every desire
when she sees me it's so plain to see
between her legs there is a wet fire
we have so much fun and when we're done
we sit and talk for hours
she's into anything and treats me like a king
and loves getting golden showers

A smack on the ass turns on this sweet lass
and she just wants more and more
if I gave her cash or she gave me a rash
you could call her a whore
she's just not that way and it is ok
if she's a nymphomaniac
she fits in my arms loves my old world charm
and knows what to do in the sack

"When I turn twenty-one we'll have some fun"
she tells me about ten times a day
"we'll get a hotel and party like hell
was going to freeze over right away"
I say "it's a plan" she says "you're my man"
then we go again if we can
she's all I can take for goodness sake
after all I am an old man

She's much younger than me and fills me with glee
every time she knocks on the door
we talk about modern times, how things have changed
and will never be the same anymore
when I was a kid the things she and I did
would be considered taboo
times have changed and rearranged
the things I will and won't do

She's sweet as can be and so funny
I'm talking about the girl next door
I give her my all when my willy stands tall
but she just wants more and more
I really don't mind and I try to find
the energy to satisfy
she's in love with me that's easy to see
but I just don't know why...

I'm old and fat and what's more than that
I'm sick and can't walk well at all
but she looks at me as if I were twenty-three
it hard to see in me what she saw
but that is ok she's coming today
maybe we'll go out to lunch
but what ever we do I'm telling you
we'll have fun, I just got a hunch.....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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