The Girl Next Door
A Poem by Jim Nasium

She was just the girl next door
until late the other night
I found her out back in the field
basking naked in the moon light
she asked me to sit with her
of course I started to flirt
she was happy to see me
especially when I took off my shirt

She was naked in the moonlight
in a field not far from a tree
a place I walk to often
I used to think it was just for me
but late just the other night
I was very happy to see
the girl next door goes there too
it's nice having her live next to me

We sat and talked for awhile
eventually I took off my pants
she said she wanted to have sex
but wasn't looking for romance
right there under moon light
my dream finally came true
I got to do the girl next door
it's amazing how time flew

The sun came up in the East
suddenly birds started to sing
she suggest we get dressed and go
maybe for breakfast or something
I told her I'd love to cook for her
she didn't want to be seen going in my house
then asked me not to tell anyone what we did
I said I'll be as quiet as a mouse

Plans were made to meet that night
a candle light dinner for two
I really can't wait to see her again
can't wait to see what else we'll do
perhaps we'll get a hotel room
maybe go first class all the way
maybe we'll go back to the field
it's a very nice place to stay

She was just the girl next door
until the other night
I found her basking naked
under the moon light
the time we spent together
was a very magical thing
she's a very lovely lady
plays the piano and loves to sing.....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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