Things Will Be As They Should Be
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Another day at the doctors
I had an appointment for 9 o'clock
by ten-twenty-five I was very upset
ready to give someone a sock
I walked up to the receptionists
asked her what was going on
said "I've been waiting an hour and a half
in five more minutes I will be gone"

"The doctor is very busy" she said
"he will be with you as soon as he can
take a seat and try to relax"
I said "I'm not going through this again"
turned around and walked down the long narrow hall
to my doctors office that was way in the back
I screamed out his name they thought me insane
I failed to use any kind of tact

The doctor came out of his office
he had a cup of coffee in his had
"what the hell is going on" I said
"I just don't understand
why do I have to wait for you
while you're back here taking a break
my appointment was for 9 and now it's after ten"
he said "some one must have made a mistake"

"I don't start until nine o'clock" he said
I said "yes doctor I know"
I was supposed to be your first of the day
why the hell are you moving so slow
the waiting room is packed full
of folks waiting to see you too
I think it's time you get busy
so tell me what are you going to do"

"Wait in here" he said in a disturbed voice
as he opened the door to a small room with a bed
I held the door open so he wouldn't close it
and these are the words I said
"enough is enough I don't give a fuck
my time is important too
I'm tired of waiting for you to see me
so now I am going to be watching you"

I stood in the doorway of the small room
he walked across the hall to his chair
sat down and looked at me standing there
"lets go" I said in a firm voice with out a care
he got back up and said "OK
I guess I can do paper work later
so tell me about you and the nurse
did you ever get to date her"

"Forget about conversation" I said
"I don't have much to say to you
sit down there and write my prescriptions
I'm tired of the bullshit you put me through
why the hell do I even have to come here for this
you do this while I stay at my house"
he looked up at me and said nothing
just sat there writing as quiet as a mouse

He took my blood pressure and weighed me
asked me how things were going for me
I told him "everything is fine
all expect for this one doctor I have to see
he always keeps me waiting
makes me come to the office when he knows I can't walk
and then when I finally get to see him
all he wants to do is sit there and talk"

I took my scripts and stood there
leaning heavily on my cane
I lifted my cane high and shook it around
said "this visit here has been insane
next time I come here I'm telling you
you better see me right on time
I was you're first appointment of the day
and you're already an hour and a half behind!!!

"Why do you have to piss me off
when I've always been good to you
it's not like you're a stranger Doc
we've common friends and family too
your father and my father go way back
I should be treated differently"
he stood up and said "Jim I am sorry
I owe you a big apology

I left the place with a smile on my face
even though I had to wait so long
came home and sat here listening to
my muse sing her siren song
she sing of sweet inspiration
she's always inspiring me
maybe next time I go back to the Doctor
Things Will Be As They Should Be

but I doubt it....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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