At Seven By Candle Light
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Just when I thought I saw it all
last night down at The Hotel
I saw a pretty street walker
she carried herself well
looked so good in her short dress
spiked heels and long red hair
I felt the need to talk to her
knew she was a whore but didn't care

I walked over to her slowly
said "Hi my name is Jim
you look great in that dress
my god your so shapely and trim
I wonder if you'd consider me
for a date late one night
I bet you're good at what you do
and still ever so wet and tight"

"You're funny, nice to meet you"
she said with a voice so sweet
then smiled with her bed room eyes
and knocked me off my feet
when she said "why should we wait
why not get together tonight
I'm done in about an hour"
I nodded my head and said "alright"


I met her in the lobby
she invited me into the cafe
told me she was very hungry
that she hadn't eaten all day
we order white wine with our salad
then a bottle of fine champagne
she told me hated her profession
thought the whole game was insane

"Why do you do what you do" I asked her
expressing much concern
"I'm working my way through college
it cost a lot of money to learn
beside the money is very good
I made six hundred tonight
but had to give three to my pimp
or else there'd be a fight"

"My Johns all have to wear rubbers
and most times I can't feel a thing
I call their name and tell them they're great
try to make them feel like a King
but I want to feel love so bad
there's an emptiness deep inside"
she put her hands over her face
just broke down and cried


I moved my chair next to her
told her "it's going to be ok
I think it's time you start a new life
and I do mean right away
I'd like you to promise me
you won't sell your body no more
if there's anything you need or want
come to me, that's what I'm here for

While we ate she told me her dreams
the things she'd like to see and do
by the time desert was served
it was around quarter of two
we finished our coffee and made our way
to the elevator just down the hall
we got it and I looked at her
then pinned her against the wall

I kissed her long, hard and deep
she kissed me back too
I felt my self getting hard
she knew what I wanted to do
she dropped to her knees and took me
deep inside her mouth and then
she sucked till the doors opened
I liked my new friend


We spent the night tangled in a lovers knot
after we took a long hot shower
she told me that she "was impressed
with my staying power"
the time went by and then at dawn
she said "come on lets get some sleep
this has been a very special night
a memory I will always keep"

Around noon I awoke to her next to me
cuddle up in a tiny ball
she was the most beautiful woman
that I ever saw
her long red hair and milky white skin
excited me to my soul
she knew what to do when doing the do
and had no problem with any hole

She made me some lunch and invited me
to come back and see her again
she told me that she considers me
a very special friend
then promised me she wouldn't be
out on the street tonight
she'd make me diner and serve it to
at seven by candle light

©2005 Jim Nasium

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