My Day So Far
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Part I

Not feeling well so what the hell
I gave my doctor a call
he told me a list of things to do
I couldn't remember them all
he didn't seem to understand
that I'm the one that's feeling sick
he may be very educated and all
but I swear he's awful thick

He told to come in to see him
I said Doc, "I can't walk"
he said "I'd like to look at you
we need to have a talk"
I asked him to use my web cam
to write to me in Net Meeting
he said good by and then I
heard his nurse and her greeting

"We'll see you as soon as you get here
please hurry and come in right away
the doctors needs to talk to you
and he's not very busy today"
I told her that I can't walk
my leg hurts much more than before
she said "ok , we'll see you then"
I hate being ignored

Part II

I pulled my strength together
got on my crutches to go see the Doc
I got there as soon as I could
but for an hour I watched the clock
finally someone called out my name
then made me walk all the way down the hall
they put me in a small waiting room
all I did was look at the wall

The doctor finally came inthe room
by this time I was very upset
I asked him did he remember me
or did he some how forget
I am the one that can not walk
so what the hell am I doing here
he said he needed to talk to me
but never made himself real clear

He left the room it was quiet as a tomb
another twenty minutes went by
he came back in wearing a grin
handed me prescriptions and said "these'll get you high
they're good for pain and days when it rains
when your joints hurt and drive you mad
I'm sorry to hear your not feeling well
is all the new news you ever have bad"

Part III

I stood up and I looked at him
said "doc let me make this real clear
I'm in pain and can't walk and this is insane
there's no reason for me being here
you could have called in these prescriptions
to my friendly neighborhood drug store
you brought me out here so you could charge me
for a visit and that's the only reason I'm here for"

"You don't give a hoot about me or my pain
you're saw me just to make a buck
but why ya got to treat me like this
when you know I'm down on my luck
my god I thought you were my friend
why you treat me like you do
if you were wearing my shoes Doc
you'd feel the same way too"

"I got to go see other patients
they are waiting to see me too
I'm sorry that you feel this way
there's not much more I can do"
he said then he left the room
leaving me standing there
to me this all pure bullshit
and some how just don't seem fair

Part IV

I walked out of the small room
all the way back up the hall
walked out the door and what's more
I slammed the door into the wall
the doctors nurse ran after me
said "you owes us a hundred twenty-five bucks"
I looked at her and she knew I wasn't paying
when I said "your service sucks"

I left that place with a smile on my face
and I felt like I had finally
got even with every one there
for the way they treated me
they made me wait and tempted my fate
when they made me walk and go out there
in my heart I felt right and thought I might
be ok when they realize it just wasn't fair

I drove all the way to the drug store
had to walk inside to go to the pharmacy
the man in a white coat behind the counter
smiled and said hello to me
he took my prescriptions and fill them
I waited about twenty minutes or so
when he gave my pills to me I instantly ate three
then said "See ya I got to go"

Part V

I got in my car and drove home
when I got home I was surprised to see
two police cars and a few cops
standing there waiting for me
I parked my car and made my way
on crutches to the pavement
they said the doctor's office had called
and that's why they were sent

They went on to tell me I had one chance
to pay my doctor bill right now
or they would have to arrest me
and they would press charges somehow
I said "this has to be a joke"
they said "do we look like we're kidding"
I can't believe the doctor called them
to do his evil bidding

By now the pills had kicked in
I was finding it hard to stand still
when I tried to take a few steps
I almost took a spill
so I got the cash out of my wallet
asked the cops to pay my bill for me
told them I had to go lay down
the pain was killing me

Part VI

They said ok they'd do it
but only because they knew me
I said the only reason I'm paying
is because I want to remain free
don't need to get arrested
for some as silly as this
but maybe some day that doctor will pay
any how that's my prayer and wish

I went in the house it was quiet as a mouse
got myself something to drink
I sat in my chair was glad to be here and then I started to think
I took another pill to get a cheap thrill
had my self a nice relaxing smoke
thought about my day and how I had to pay
concluded this whole thing was a joke

I sat in my chair with out a care
drifting into a hazy day dream
then my muse spoke to me
she and I make such a good team
before I knew it I wrote this poem
and sent it out to all of you
YES; this has been my day so far
but what the hell can I do???....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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