In Pursuit Of Magic Mushrooms

A Story Poem in two parts by Jim Nasium

Here's some background [in the form of a poem] about the poem
"In Pursuit Of Magic Mushrooms" below:

Back in the day in Colombia SA
there were many hippies down there
locals didn't understand the way the hippies lived
but none of the locals seemed to care
hippies did the things that hippies do
only down in Colombia back then
people were giving the stuff away
the supply would never end

Every hippie had a big bag of herb
most of them had a bag'a coke too
the coke ya could get in Colombia then
was as good as the coke from Peru
every day was one big party
the party never had to end
you could go out for three days one night
take a nap and do it again

One day he felt the need to roam
so he left all his hippie friends behind
he took off to places unknown
just to see what he could find
he ended up in a small dairy town
that sat in a valley surrounded by mountains
the town had a church and in the court yard
there were two beautiful fountains

In Pursuit Of Magic Mushrooms
by Jim Nasium

He found him self in a very small town
surround by cattle farms every where
he rented a house and partied all night
no one seemed to mind or care
one day while walking in a cow field
much to his surprise
he found some magic mushrooms
there right there in front of his eyes

He picked about twenty-five or so
went to the river to wash them off
sat down and ate a few then had a smoke
the smoke was sweet but it made him cough
he did some big lines and ate more mushrooms
then starting climbing up the side of a mountain
the morning sun was high and it was hot
he was sweating like a fountain

Once on top of the mountain high in the sky
he finished up the last of the mushrooms
did some lines and had another smoke
the air was thick with sweet fumes
he found himself floating in the sky
circling himself sitting down on the ground
other than a few Condors flying with him
there was no other living thing around

His first out of body experience
was it all in his head
there's only one way to find out
do more he thought as the sky got red
sunset was always so beautiful
out there high in The Andes
he did so much coke it made him choke
then he had to sneeze

That night while sitting in his small house
he wrote in his journal about what he found
the fields were loaded with magic mushrooms
and he was the only hippie around
in the morning he would go back out
pick many more and eat his fill
climb to the top of another mountain
then sit there like the fool on the hill

The days went by and he was so high
he thought himself a wizard
he sun bathed the day away
while lost in a snow blizzard
the mushrooms gave him insight
and strange powers to just drift away
he'd fly in the sly with the Condors
and pass the time away

Part Two

After about two weeks or so
he decided to share what he found
so he hired a private car
to take him back to the town
where he left all his hippie friends
to tell then about the magical place
they'd know he would be telling the truth
just by the look on his face

Most of the hippie he told his story to
had little to no interest at all
but one of his friends was ready
and wanted to see what he saw
they took the car back to the dairy town
where cattle graze and mushrooms grow
this was a most amazing place
and he just wanted some one else to know

Once back at home he rolled a big bone
him and his friend had a smoke and made plans
they would go out before sun up
to pick the fruit of these lands
come morning they both headed out
picked a basket full of mushroom to eat
then they climbed to the tip of a mountain
to have themselves a treat

His friend was very out there
tripping tripped out of his mind
and he was totally amazed
at the wonders he would find
each time he looked at something
changing colors and melting away
they were in for a mental adventure
but didn't know what would happen that day

They both sat high on top of the mountain
it was about nine o'clock in the morning
suddenly the sky started to get dark
and this happened with out warning
there was a total eclipses of the sun
and it freaked them both out
his friend jumped up and starting running
and he screamed and started to shout

He sat there glue to the mountain top
and while the sky was dark
he saw the planets in a line
and heard the dog star bark
it was the dawning of the age of Aquarius
and comet kauteck was in the sky
he sat in place enjoying the show
he was definitely very high

The sun came back out after awhile
all the planets in a line were gone
it was as if this day was starting over
it kind'a felt like dawn
he made his way back to the small house
his friend was sitting in there
packing his bag and repeating
I'm leaving and I don't care

His friend left to go back to the states
freaked out bad tripping that day
the eclipse took him by surprise
he was sad to see his friend go away
but he stayed in that small dairy town
for about another ninety days or so
a place he never will forget
where magical mushrooms grow....

©2005 Jim Nasium

the road into townthe bridge across rio negro to the mushroom fields

the small dairy town is actually under the trees... see the road into and out of townmore mountains and more fields

evenmore fields and mountains

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