If Your Heart Is As Light As A Feather
A Poem by Jim Nasium

In Egypt on a wall of some ruins near a tomb there is a hieroglyphic of Anubis, the God of the dead and the underworld. He is shown holding a scale in his hand. On one side of the scale is a feather. On the other side is a heart. So what's the glyphic saying? If your heart is as light as the feather you get the ticket to heaven, or the wonderful after life what ever that is to you...

Do unto others as you have them do
don't lie, steal, cheat or be too proud
try to be helpful to others
be polite when you're in a crowd
always be fair yet firm in your dealings
don't let greed grab a hold of you
be content with what you have
say what you mean and mean it too

Don't matter if you think I'm wrong
when I know my heart tells me I'm right
I don't want to argue with you
and I'm not looking for a fight
but deep inside I can tell
the difference between right and wrong
I do what my heart tells me to do
and my will power is strong

My heart is as light as feather
I have no lose ends to tie up
all my ducks are in a row
I got plenty in my cup
it may not be over flowing
but what it's matter how much stuff I got
I store my riches in my soul
pray the Lord will forget me not....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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