Up Before Dawn
A Poem by Jim Nasium

It takes one to know one
or at least that's what they say
but we had nothing in common
and what's more there's no way
I could be the things she thought I was
after all this time she still don't me
if she hasn't learned anything by now
she never will that's plain to see

The road was never easy
it was full of ups and downs
so many twists and turns
and then there was the sounds
she made when singing to me
her siren song of lust
no good man could refuse her
to me she was a must

Each time was the last time
like no other time before
but then there is revenge
one must even up the score
I gave so many chances
just trying to be a friend
guess I had to learn the hard way
I won't do that again

Jumping from the frying pan to the fire
I guess I was the fool
should have known better
but I'm trusting as a rule
it didn't take me very long
to see what was going on
the early birds catches the worm
that's why I'm up before dawn....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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