Today She Let Me Down
A Poem by Jim Nasium

It was nice to know she'd be there
some one to help me out on in a bind
she's smart and got a mouth on her
like a sailor and then there's her behind
she knows what to do when doing the do
the girl has really been around
I used to think I could count on her
but today she let me down

It was her heart that attracted me
well her heart and her mind
she was always teaching me some thing new
it was amazing all the stuff she'd find
she was always willing to lend a hand
her voice has a friendly sound
I felt I could always depend on her
but today she let me down

I always thought she'd be there
when ever I'd needed a hand
she loves to talk and wobbles when she walks
some how she always seemed to understand
I'd call her late at night in a blizzard
she'd come to the bad side'a town
but today was the first time ever
that she let me down

The years go by so quickly
we grow old, tired and sick
can't do the things we used to do
with out connections, a cane, or a trick
the time we'd spend together
doing nothing but hanging around
always meant the world to me
but today she let me down

There's a first time for everything
or at least that's what they say
and because of her and she knows it too
I felt very let down today
although this was the first time
she didn't feel like running around
I hope it is the last time
because today she let me down....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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