She's Got Too Much Time On Her Hands
A Poem by Jim Nasium

She's got too much time on her hands
it's that way because she lives alone
stays in touch with her friends
through her computer and telephone
don't go out, has no place to go
can't work because she's hurt
when she wants to she can excite you
she is really quite the flirt

She's tall and thin and can easily win
any mans heart she wants to
she's know what she wants and can pull stunts
that'll make a grown mans plans fall through
she looks so nice like sugar and spice
wears all the latest fashion
get's hot as can be and won't let you free
till you satisfy her passion

She's got too much time on her hands
has now for too many years
been through too many ups and downs
lonely times shedding tears
lost in a maze with no way out
the darkness is setting in
no matter how hard she tries
there's just no way for her to win

Stuck between a rock and hard place
her back is against the wall
she tried her best to break free
but there's nothing she can do at all
no matter how hard she tries
the dice were loaded from the start
it's plain to see what she could be
if she wasn't falling apart

She's got too much time on her hands
can't paint or draw any more
she's old and gray and spends the day
taking pills because she is sore
time has taken its toll on her
there's not much she can do
she sits at night by the monitors light
wishing she could be with you....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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