Playing Poker With God: Two Poems
A Poem by Jim Nasium

God invited me over
He wanted to play some poker
told me the only wild card
this game would be the joker
I dealt the cards and was surprised
to see the joker looked like me
we played hand after hand
drank juice and fresh coffee

God let me win each hand
just to make me feel good
I kept a straight poker face
just like I knew I should
He sat there talking to me
about this thing called free will
I think He knew me pretty good
that's why I tried to keep still

I counted up my winnings
which really warmed my heart
He told me not to worry
but it was time for a new start
He explained it didn't matter
if I won all the money in the universe
material wealth don't mean as much as health
and with out spiritual riches things would get worse

and then there is this one:

Playing poker with God the other day
a few of The Saints were also there
we were all in my fancy game room
there was food and drink to share
I'll admit I was a bit concerned
about my chances of winning
but things started to go my way
right from the beginning

My full house beat His three of a kind
as I piled up my wealth
He said something to me
about my soul's health
I knew He wanted me to see
money isn't the only thing we spend
So He let me win each hand
over and over again

Time passed us by quickly
it was the middle of the night
I won ten million dollars
but wasn't feeling right
I asked Him to forgive me
for my sins and attitude
He said I'll give you another chance
but this is the last one dude.....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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