Four Poems: A, B, C, & D
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Four poems; A, B, C, & D: written with only using words
that only begin with the letters A, then B, then C, and then D...


Any amount acquired accordingly admits
an amazing abundance accumulating
accordingly accounts admit assurance
aside Andy awaits another accountant

Another analogy accumulates aimlessly aimed
at anyone anywhere about almost anything at all
as abundant as any assayer accurate assessments
additional accounts approved anonymous additions anyway

All accounts admitted any and all acclamations
accumulated accordingly adrift anywhere at all
always answered assumptions assumed
Andy answered assured as anyone assuming anonymity


better be bitter brave brother because bitter's best
bland broken bad babbling bestows better
black bleakness befriend buttered buttons
bluntly bland because better better be better

back boards break because bogus boogies
beacon blissful bounties borrowed begrudgingly
because backwards boons broke bleak blokes
begging bewildered beside borrowed burrows

bounty bleak because backside broken balls
bounce blatantly bobbing boyish boobies
bleak beach black bland budget basements
being because beaches brace brunches bravely


Cautiously considering countless considerations
can carefully caress confined contentment
considering competitors can't count confusion
countless connected controllers continually catch catastrophes

Colors continue continually creating creations
countless corny concerns considered cornered
confused considering controllers can't concede
confessing countless crimes concerning certain celebrities

Caught candidly casting coins considered company cash
certain characters catching canneries coughing continually
contained cautiously considering combinations concealed
concerns compiled contained countless considerations

casting colorful containers cautiously connected
coexisting compatibly considering countless costs
concerns catch coworkers carefully counting copies
caught carefully considering chemical compositions

chrome computers compile countless citizens
caught criticism crime confused considerably
convicts caused continuous care counted carefully
colors continued creating creations continuously...


Daring devil dogs dangle daringly
during dark depressing dates discussed
down deep despite desperate donut days
dawning during deep dear day dreams

Despite dark devilish delights
decided don't dangle deliberately
doing dorky ditties displayed downtown
during dark doubts dabbled decadently

Dawn don't doubt daily displays
during deep dark distressful dreams
doctors decided discourse deliberately
doubting dogs do donut dances....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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