A Fast Food DateBR>A Poem by Jim Nasium

There is a fiery Southern Belle
I asked out on a date
when she told me where she wanted to eat
it was already way too late
I knew I made a big mistake
when she said "The Fast Food Place"
then smiled and said "I'm a cheap date"
with a sexy look on her face

The place wasn't too far away
we talked on our way there
I wanted to go to some place nice
but always try to be fair
I pulled into the parking lot
could smell fried food and grease
went in the place with a look on my face
found the bathroom, then got some release

We stood in line and all was fine
we talked about our friends and school
I tried my best to be a gentleman
and do as a rule
the guy behind pushed up in line
I told him to step back
he looked at me and he could see
I meant it as a matter of fact

It came our time to step up
place and order and get our bill
I saw her eyes get bigger
to her this whole thing was a thrill
I ordered a burger and some fries
a coke and a piece of pie
when she stepped up to take her turn
she had a strange look in her eye

She ordered every thing on the menu
with an extra large side'a fries
she piled the food on her tray
and it came as a surprise
to watch her eat everything
smiling with big bed room eyes
she asked me to come near whispered in my ear
I like you best of all the other guys

I paid the bill which was no thrill
she was not a very cheap date
then she got fries and a large drink to go
she was impossible to sate
I wanted to take her right back home
but she wanted to go parking with me
we sat at lovers spot and she got real hot
the rest is history.......

©2005 Jim Nasium

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