Some Short Animal Poems
A Poem by Jim Nasium


They say dolphins are as smart as humans
they've discovered dolphins use tools too
they hold a sponge plant from the sea
in their mouth when they rummage for food
the sponge protects their tender snout
as they dig in the sandy sea floor
they pass this trick on to their children
a scientific study has concluded to be fact


Most dogs are very faithful animals
they give their love unconditionally
always ready to serve and protect their master
they don't need much, just some food
an old blanket, a bone now and then, a walk,
freedom to run, the occasional encounter with another dog
some attention, but most importantly; love
they really aren't that much different that humans


Independent, cocky, sure footed, and sleek
no one could say a cat is meek
aloof, conceited, the king or queen of the house
ever so proud when they catch a mouse
no need for attention they like being alone
they don't bark and don't need a bone
when they feel the need they'll come to you
if you pet them just right, they will purr too


They say birds are actually dinosaurs
the skull structure is the same
a weird twist of fate over the years
in natures evolution game
I wish I could fly like birds do
soaring alone high in the sky
living in a tree sounds good to me
but I don't eat worms do I


Once snakes had legs the Bible says
I wonder if that's really true
a snake in the grass is a pain in the ass
they can't be trusted and will bite you
some snakes are very beautiful
they actually shed their colorful skin
some get big enough to swallow a child
a snake caused the original sin....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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