I'm Not Dreaming Any More
A Poem by Jim Nasium

It's late and quiet in my studio
I look out my window it started to snow
I'm drawing and writing by monitors light
got a little wired I'll be up all night
I open the window to let in fresh air
look outside there's no one any where
quietly watch the snow fall to the ground
a winter wonderland with out a sound

My muse helps the long hours pass by
my meds keep me mellow and get me high
the room starts to spin and I see white light
I reach nirvana again tonight
my hearts beating fast and I start to sweat
the money spent my only regret
soon will come dawn another new day
I'm in a world of my won with nothing to say

Stuck inside again today
feeling weak can't go out to play
I'm tired and so very alone
a cold winters morning; chilled to the bone
it snowing, there's ice, and a wind a howling
the trucks are outside doing snow plowing
I'm wrapped in a blanket by the fire place
a good book, some wine, and a smile on my face

I drift off in a dream about East Peru
the funny thing is you're in the dream too
we're climbing a mountain with llama and a guide
you're right next to me right by my side
we reach the lost city and find some gold
were much younger in the dream; not this old
time passes and then there's a knock on my door
I wake up; I'm not dreaming any more....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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