Went Out To Dinner The Other Night
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Went out to eat the other evening
a place on the nice side of town
the spot is new but I'm telling you
it's not the best place to eat, around
they opened just a few months ago
rumor said the price was right
I'm sorry I went and the money I spent
was definitely wasted that night

I was dressed real neat and when I took a seat
a cute waitress gave me a big smile
she sat down with me and we talked
time went by and after awhile
she suggested the house special
that came with salad, soup and desert
her great big green bed room eyes
made it clear she was very much the flirt

I ordered some wine to drink while I dined
she suggest a very good year
I gave her my card and she saw I was hard
my intentions were very clear
she said she'd be done at eleven
I told her I'd be waiting outside
she smiled and agreed which pleased me
then she took another look at my pride


Diner was served and I noticed the curve
of the small of her back by her ass
she wore a high heel shoe a nice shade of blue
carried herself with a whole lot of class
she gave me some bread that she said
was baked fresh every day
the look in her eye had me hypnotized
I couldn't think of a thing to say

She left me alone and slowly my bone
relaxed to it's cute normal state
I ate my meal and I started to feel
pretty bad but it was too late
I got real bad gas and man did it last
so I went into the bathroom
I started to sweat and feel regret
thought for sure I had met my doom

I let out a fart and felt I would start
to vomit any time and
I bent over the john and all hope was gone
then threw up again and again
when I was done I got the runs
sat there with a bad tummy ache
I thought of the food and didn't want to be rude
but eating there was a fucking mistake


I washed off my face and hid my disgrace
pulled my hair into a pony tail
I was feeling weak found it hard to speak
knowing I looked pale and frail
I made my way back to my seat
sat down and took a drink of wine
she came over to me her desire plain to see
asked me if everything was fine

What could I say I wanted to play
with her later on that night
I smiled and said while nodding my head
everything was alright
she took my plate and it was fate
that took over right then and then
I felt my go and wouldn't you know
I got sick all over again

I threw up on the table and just wasn't able
to stop myself so I let go
she ran over to me just to see
if she could help but I said no
I gave her some money and looked pretty funny
with vomit all over my shirt
I ran out the door and what's more
never got to eat my desert...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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