Three Days One Night
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Everyone's got something to do
that's every one but me
I've turned off my phone sitting here alone
just wishing I could be
some place far away from here
a wonder land of delight
doing things I used to do
staying up for three days one night

The meds kick in and I begin
to slowly wander away
I'm able to run and have so much fun
in the fields where I can play all day
The Andes mountains all around
condors circle high in the sky
staying awake for three days one night
and knowing exactly why

The time goes by and I wonder why
things turned out like they did
I've have no regrets and try to forget
the secrets I have that are hid
there is no blame for playing the game
as long as you do it right
it can be fun until it's done
staying up for three days one night...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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