Time To Stop
A Poem by Jim Nasium

When the poems you've written recently
have been dark depressing and blue
when you can't think of happy things anymore
and ya just don't know what to do
when you fall down every time you get up
can't help yourself; you just drop
some thing is telling you
it's got to be time to stop

When the stories you tell people
are depressing and show no hope
then things they say escape you
you look like your on dope
then something is trying to tell you
you're just about ready to pop
there are no ands or if about it
it's time for you to stop

When the Art that you've been drawing
don't mean as much as it used to
you can't think of a poem or a story
words just won't come to you
you sit and waste the hours
longing to be back on top
you promise your self just one more time
when you know it's time to stop...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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