The Farmers Daughter
A Poem by Jim Nasium

A dirt road paved with pot holes
out in the middle of no where
not much goes on way out there
but the few who live there don't care
they tend to their crops and livestock
live their humble quiet life
so unlike life in the city
where words cut like a knife

Small building made from bamboo
tin roofs and a dirt floor
they have everything they need
there's no use for anything more
up and down each day with the sun
they work hard for the thing's they got
there may not be much going on
but it's such a beautiful spot

The children don't get to go to school
but none of them seem to mind
they help around the farm each day
wishing some day they could find
a way to escape their parents hell
they want more from life and pray
that things will work out for them
and they'll get a chance to get away

I wandered the country side nearby
was amazed at all I found
there was coca and mushrooms
growing right out of the ground
the river nearby was the perfect place
to take a bath now and then
I didn't ever want to leave
when the farmers daughter became my friend

We'd sit on the banks of the river
or way up on a mountain top
when I started making love to her
she never wanted me to stop
told me that she loved me
wanted to be my wife
I had to leave right away then
I'm not into married life

The farmers daughter cried the day
I said goodbye and left
she claimed the way I took her heart
was more than just petty theft
I tried my best to explain
I'm a rambling man
can't stay in one spot too long
but she didn't understand

The farmer got angry at me
he picked up and aimed his gun
so I asked him to understand
I never meant to hurt any one
then offered to give him money
he said ok and let me leave
a small town at the end of dirt road
I always have a few tricks up my sleeve...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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