A Few Poems About Cats
A Poem by Jim Nasium

In memory of one'a my favorite cats of all time, good old Mr. E. Normas Cat

Sitting on the floor between the speakers
fully alert as if ready to strike
tail flickering back and forth slowly
ears pointed straight up, and turned
while music's playing a little too loud
my cat looks at me on a cold winters afternoon
I suppose music sooths the savage beast inside us both
we pass time together, me and Mr. E. Normas Cat

In memory of one'a my favorite cats of all time, good old Meealzer

We found him in a pile of trash
his brothers and sister were dead
his mother was bleeding badly
she had been hit in the head
we took him and nursed him
he finally grew big and strong
Meealzer was a very good cat
he never did nothing wrong

We never needed a litter box
Meealzer did his duty outside
and never once did he sneak off to spray
Meealzer didn't like to hide
he loved to have his belly rubbed
made the strangest sound when he purred
he ate the same food as we did
expect for the occasional bird

Meealzer lived with us for four years
we had a nice place in the country
one day he got ht by a car
and it damn near killed me
he was one of the best cats ever
I can still see him in my head
we loved it when he'd lick us "wake up"
in the morning when he'd jump on our bed

In memory of one'a my favorite cats of all time, good old Digger

Digger was a very strange Cat
he loved digging holes in the ground
it was his favorite past time
there were holes everywhere around
he never did ir put anything in the holes
to this day I don't understand
but as far as Cats go in my neighborhood
Digger was the man

One day I called for Digger
it was time for him to eat
I was feeling very generous
so I made special treat
I called for Digger forever
he never did come home that day
exactly what happened to Digger
Is somthing I can't say....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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