Names I've Been Called
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Over the years I been around
I've been called many things
some of them by lovers
others by beggars and kings
some from the boys down the way
others by my cohorts
some by business partners
other when I played sports

Of all the things I've been called
there's one name that's special to me
even though I don't tell you
it shouldn't be hard to see
the thing I like being called
the very best of all
is "yours" because when I'm with you
there's no way I could ever fall

In all the years I've been around
I've been called many different names
like a father, a brother, a friend
a man who can play the games
an idiot, a bastard, and a thug
a poet and artist too
but the name I like being called the best
is "yours" when I'm called by you...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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